Does Your Attitude Get in the Way of Your Business Success?

August 20, 2016

Do you get the affiliation amid your ATTITUDE and your all-embracing SUCCESS? I appear several networking business meetings. Endure month, I was asked ‘why’ did I appear this one affair for women business owners? In her apperception she apparently wondered that about me every time I stood up with my 30-second addition about Federal contracting. Abounding of the attendees are in absolute sales and are solo-entrepreneurs. My business anticipation does not appear the meeting. So, how does the affair accomplish a aberration to me; my business?

So, if I apprehend that catechism accurately – my acknowledgment could be addition catechism – I can’t appear your affair because my business does not advance there? I can’t appear because it’s not the best accommodation for two hours out of my month?

The acknowledgment is actual simple. I adore getting with these admirable women, who are so aflame about their businesses. Do you appear a agnate arrangement meeting? Don’t you feel it too? I accept to appear the meeting. I accept to beleaguer myself with absolute women… I accept to rejuvenate my close spirit. And that in about-face rejuvenates my access to my business. When the affair has ended, how do you feel? If you feel that you do not accept annihilation from the affair because you didn’t accomplish a sale, again why do you attend?

Dollar Signs in Your Eyes?

If you in fact do not accept annihilation from the meeting, again conceivably you appear with alone a banking ambition in mind. I alarm that ‘having dollar signs in your eyes.’ Stop attached yourself. Advance the superior of your life. When you advance the superior of your life, you advance all aspects of your life.

It’s like that law of attraction. Millions of humans accept now heard of The Secret, a access which brings phrases like absolute cerebration and the law of allure to accustomed conversations. The law of allure is that our cerebration creates and brings to us whatever we anticipate about and it’s as admitting every time we anticipate a thought, every time we allege a word, the cosmos is alert and responding to us. Got it?

If you appear the affair with dollar signs in your eyes, again you are missing the better business befalling of your life! Consider alteration your access to why you appear this meeting. Consider it as the befalling to accommodated added women and as the training arena to apprentice how to bazaar your business. I larboard the accumulated apple in 1986 to alpha my own business, and as a business advance architect I accept accomplished baby business owners about marketing. My all-encompassing business accomplishments is durably buried with the apprenticeship I accustomed from my aboriginal business coach, Jay Abraham, THE all-embracing business adviser to business. Working with Jay took my aboriginal association from $0 to $300,000 aural six months. I abstruse business from him, and I activated his approach to my industry.

So, from whom do you apprentice marketing? So abounding of you are solo-entrepenuers. You do not accept a abstracted business budget. You do not accept the added money to absorb on hiring a business consultant. So, how can the affair advice you? Isn’t that the purpose of the affair – to bazaar your business to the attendees and accomplish sales? This affair begins with the attendees account its mission account at every meeting. Did the admiral just actualize a mission account because it is the latest craze? No. The mission account is an affirmation for us. Repeat something, as an affirmation, for 28 canicule and it becomes a allotment of your conscious.

How Do You Use the Meeting?

The afterward comments are my observations about the meeting. This affair is abundant like the affairs you attend. So, anticipate about the affairs you attend. As I appear this specific meeting, I accept begin it to be a safe ambiance for its associates to try new business approach for their businesses. Sure, currently the business approach cover amusing media and email blasts; you accept a absolute blow for creating a absurd postcard and flyer. Now, the affair introduces you to addition tactic – speaking about your business. This basal business tactic includes creating and adage your elevator speech. The 30-second business addition at anniversary affair gives you the adventitious to analysis your words in foreground of absolute people.

  • Do you accept to the words the added women use to acquaint their businesses?
  • How do they speak?
  • What do they do with their hands?
  • What are the reactions from the added women?
  • Don’t you just adulation some of the addictive endure lines?

Does the affair acquiesce you to accept a bell-ringer table? Accept you had a bell-ringer table yet? This is your training arena if you wish to move your business into a above bell-ringer area or an industry barter show. You apprentice and convenance ambience up a table that displays what you sell. What works? The two-minute bell-ringer table presentation is your aboriginal footfall appear acquirements how to accomplish a sale. Do you apperceive the appearance and allowances for your business? Acquirements how to call the appearance and allowances of your business helps you set accessories and accomplish sales.

Finally, at this meeting, the lath goes above business our businesses. They accent one-on-one accommodated ups amid members. Do you apperceive I am a above journalist, who has interviewed Dr. Seuss and VP Spiro Agnew? Addition befalling the lath provides is the $1 Brag for claimed successes and events. These are not just business business tactics. Do you apperceive why? These are to apprentice about the being abaft the business. When you apperceive the being abaft the business, you actualize a able claimed bond. There is added to active than the absolute dollar.

Do you get the affiliation amid your ATTITUDE and your all-embracing SUCCESS?

“Your active is bent not so abundant by what activity brings to you, as by the attitude you accompany to life; not so abundant by what happens to you as by the way your apperception looks at what happens.”

~ John Homer Miller

What accept your arrangement affairs accomplished you?